Wayne performs about-face, now behind Collins as starter

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne ran a different kind of comeback route Friday.

Wayne backed off the statements he made after the Colts signed veteran quarterback Kerry Collins, which included calling any appointment of Collins as a starter "a step back."

"I'm supportive of Kerry Collins," Wayne said at a press conference Friday. "I was never against Kerry Collins coming here. I think you guys or one guy, I'm not going to say who it is, kind of turned it around on me. Kerry's our guy, and we're going to rally behind him and play football."

When Collins first joined the team, Wayne was reluctant to acknowledge Collins as a potential starter and defended backup Curtis Painter.

"We don't even know him, we ain't vanilla, man, we ain't no simple offense," Wayne told The Associated Press on Aug. 25. "So for him to can come in here and be the starter, I don't see it."

The Colts open their season Sunday against the Houston Texans.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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