Wayne on joining Patriots: 'I want to win, point blank'

The Indianapolis Colts had no more room for Reggie Wayne, but New England still sees life in the 36-year-old wideout.

"I want to win, point blank," Wayne told reporters on Tuesday, per ESPN.com's Mike Reiss, one day after inking a deal with the Patriotsworth up to nearly $3 million.

Asked to say something to Colts fans after joining their arch-rival, Wayne swatted down the opportunity, telling reporters: "No time for that right now," and saying of the Week 6 grudge match between Indy and New England: "I don't even see that right now."

Why? Because Wayne has been "cramming" over his new playbook, acknowledging that New England's Erhardt-Perkins offense -- which Chad Johnson couldn't grasp -- has "no comparison" to anything he's played in.

Coach Bill Belichick on Monday praised Wayne for having "a lot of versatility," but the veteran visibly lost a step last season. Wayne chalked that up to a variety of nagging pains, saying: "Last year, the whole year I played injured, from Week 1 to the end. I know what I can do. I know what I'm capable of."

Wayne is experienced enough to pick up the new scheme, but he's no guarantee to make the roster. His future with the Pats boils down to how his body cooperates when the bullets start flying.

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