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Watkins, Wallace hungry for TDs: TNF fantasy preview

My goodness, we're at Week 11! How did this happen? It's seriously crunch time for fantasy with just three weeks left before the fantasy playoffs kick in. It's scary, really.

Anyway the Thursday night game between the Bills and Dolphinsonly on NFL Network should be a good defensive game. The most fantasy relevant players in this one are both wide receivers -- Mike Wallace and rookie Sammy Watkins -- and it will be interesting to see how they can produce in a crucial matchup.

Don't forget to play TNF Fantasy Challenge for a chance to win a trip to a Thursday Night Football game next season. So who are you taking: Wallace or Watkins? Ryan Tannehill or Kyle Orton? Get to it!

Matt Franciscovich is an associate fantasy editor at Follow him on Twitter _@mfranciscovich_. On this November 13th, 2014 he'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to the most important dude in his life, his Dad. Hey Dad, thanks for taking me to my first MLB, NHL and NFL games back in the day, coaching my baseball, soccer and hockey teams all those years and for letting me paint my bedroom Yankees colors when I was 12. Oh and uh, go Jets...I guess.

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