Watch teenage Carson Wentz goof around with friends

Back in my teen years, my friends and I had a lot of hours to kill.

This was the late 90s, a more innocent time when there just seemed to be less stuff to do. Sadly, there weren't a ton of girlfriends on the grid during this particular period, either, which led to an inordinate amount of time devoted to billiards, wiffle ball and Sega Saturn. (Me and my buddy Greg might have been the only two people in America who picked Sega Saturn over Playstation.)

We also liked to occassionally charge up the camcorder and film ourselves acting like idiots. Rising auteurs that we were, these could be highly ambitious affairs with scripts and everything. One of my goals in life is for none of this footage to ever see the light of day.

I imagine there's a possibility Carson Wentz had a similar wish before his own high school goof video went viral on Thursday.

Here's the thing: Carson "Can't Miss" Wentz and Co. have nothing to be ashamed of. This a solid high school vid, right down to the 2011 soundtrack anchored by MGMT.

So while Wentz may not be thrilled that "GARBShotz: Crazy Paper Toss" is now a thing, he can perhaps take solace in the fact that the contents of this creative endeavor make him 34 percent more likable. 

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