Watch NFL rookies react to their Madden '20 ratings

NFL rookies used to fear a full-body tape job to the nearest goal post or poor reviews at the talent show sing-along.

Then, EA Sports came along.

Watch members of the Class of 2019 receive their grades for the upcoming 'Madden NFL 20' release. Warning: This soul-crushing content can be tough to watch.

Last year's rookie class fell for the same trick, too. It's as if every first-year pro believes their in-game avatar should immediately rank among Madden's elite.

It doesn't take long for the cold, hard truth to seep in. According to the game's official website, the highest-graded 2019 rookie is Quinnen Williams, who drew a modest 80 overall.

Only Williams and Steelers rookie Bennie Snell (see: video) are fine with their rankings. The rest of the rookie class has a bone to pick with Madden's ratings adjustors.

"I am not happy with my Madden rating," said top overall pick Kyler Murray, who came in at 73 overall.

Said Bears third-round pick David Montgomery (71 overall): "This is all types of disrespectful."

You can understand their frustration. Today's rookies grew up loving the 'Madden' series. Now that they're professionals, it has to be tough knowing 'Madden' doesn't love them back.

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