Watch DeAngelo Williams 'Let It Go' in sing-along

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered from a lack of running back depth last season after Le'Veon Bell was injured and LeGarrette Blount pouted his way out of Pittsburgh.

That's what makes acquiring DeAngelo Williams a great move for the Steel City. He's a veteran back, all-around good guy and has a hidden talent ... his voice. Check out this sing-along with DeAngelo and his daughters.

OK, so it's not like we're going to see him on "The Voice" anytime soon. But let it go, Steelers Nation is still happy to have him.

Daniel Williams is a Digital Features Editor at, is a Steelers fan and is now holding out hope for DeAngelo to be cast in the "Frozen" sequel. You can follow him on Twitter _@danielwilliams_.

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