Wade Phillips makes daycare joke about Sean McVay

Rams general manager Les Snead and executive vice president Kevin Demoff crafted the NFL's version of a buddy cop comedy this offseason when they paired 31-year-old head coach Sean McVay with surly, 69-year-old defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

And Thursday, Phillips delivered the first made-for-network zinger.

Classic Wade.

Before the Rams inevitably struggle out of the gate and the media blames McVay's lack of experience, the jokes will be a fun little preamble to the 2017 kickoff. For what it's worth, I think McVay is going to be a good NFL coach. During an appearance on Good Morning Football Thursday, he talked about his confidence in Jared Goff and why he thinks he can be a success.

As many veteran head coaches will tell you, merely displaying this kind of confidence and personality out of the block should be considered a win. If 53 players in the locker room believe in you, it doesn't matter how old you are. Just ask Billy Heywood, who at the age of 12, took over the Minnesota Twins and inspired the entire locker room.

Told you. We got at least a few more months of this to go.

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