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WADA director-general scolds union for dragging on HGH tests

The discussions between the NFL and NFL Players Association over implementation of human growth hormone testing have gained notoriety during the stalemate. Even members of Congress have threatened to get involved if the sides can't agree on parameters for beginning the testing program.

The World Anti-Doping Agency, which oversees drug testing in athletics around the world, also is growing impatient. On the eve of this season's first NFL game in London, WADA's leader chided the NFLPA for delaying HGH testing, the Guardian reported.

Aldopho Birch, the NFL's senior vice president of law and labor policy, said the league wants to be more open and has been proposing more transparent drug guidelines. George Atallah, assistant executive director of external affairs at the NFLPA, said the current protocols work and catch the proper violators.

However, Howman said he is not happy about how the NFLPA has handled the HGH implementation negotiations. The union has said the holdup is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's involvement in the appeals process for non-positive test sanctions.

If the NFL placed a team in London, which had been discussed last week, that franchise might not be under the umbrella of WADA. Most other English sports are under the observation of WADA and UK anti-doping agency.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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