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Vrabel reacts to being hit by ref in Titans-Ravens

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel went viral.

Not for leading his upstart team to back-to-back road playoff wins. Not for a postgame victory quote.

No, Vrabel garnered attention for nearly getting run over on the sideline during Saturday's victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

An Inside the NFL clip made the rounds this week showing the Titans coach getting sideswiped by sideline judge Eugene Hall as he watched a play unfold on the jumbotron.

Vrabel's off-camera "Sorry!" shout made the video.

The coach wasn't flagged for an interference penalty, but he could have been. Vrabel said he shared the mea culpa with his players Thursday during a team meeting.

"That's why we get up in the morning, stretch and then I get up so early in the morning to go and get in the weight room so that when you get illegally blocked in the back like I did it doesn't hurt," Vrabel said. "I didn't go to the ground. He didn't knock me down. Eugene can run and he's big and he's fast. I was just embarrassed because if I get a penalty, the players, after all this stuff I tell them and all this crap I talk to them about penalties, being disciplined, keeping your composure. Here I am halfway out on the field looking up at the play on the jumbotron. So, the get back coach has got to do a better job. I've got to do a better job at getting the hell out of the way. I showed the team this morning because I knew they were going to laugh at me anyway."

With the biggest playoff game of most of their lives coming up against the Kansas City Chiefs, Vrabel is keeping it loose in Tennessee. The video also gives a new spin to the coach's pregame routine of push-ups and planks.

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