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Vrabel family offers amusing backdrop for Titans pick

Thursday night's first-ever entirely remote NFL draft went off without a hitch, but not without some entertainment.

As the viewing audience around the world watched the league's annual talent selection unfold live, they were taken into the individual homes of some of the most important figures in football. Quickly, a theme emerged: This year's draft was going to feature the families of those working in the NFL.

Then, late in the night, we finally reached the home of Titans coach Mike Vrabel.

While many GMs and coaches had their kids included behind them as they were about to make their pick -- football is family, after all -- Vrabel's decided on something a little different. One of the teens in the Vrabel home sported a bleached-blond mullet and one of Vrabel's old Pro Bowl jerseys, while another wore a full Frozone suit from The Incredibles and Titans gym shorts over it.

The coach looked unaffected while the internet -- which at this point had grown used to seeing heart-warming expressions of togetherness in every in-home look -- wondered what exactly was going on. Vrabel had a simple explanation.

"It's been a long quarantine over here," Vrabel explained, later adding the teens wanted to do something different than the rest of the league, per the Associated Press' Teresa Walker. And for those worried about whether the camera angle used might have caught someone in the restroom, fear not: Vrabel clarified his son, Tyler, was simply sitting on a stool near his mother.

As for the pick -- you know, the reason we're all here -- Tennessee spent it on Georgia tackle Isaiah Wilson. The 6-foot-6, 350-pound lineman might need additional time to develop into a quality starter for the Titans, but Vrabel and GM Jon Robinson are happy with who they got.

"He is a big man," Robinson said. ... "He's a tough guy to get out of the way of."

We'll see what else the Vrabel family might have in store to spice up Tennessee's 2020 draft.

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