Voting for 'Greatest Moments in NFL History' opens

Throughout the NFL's 100 seasons, there have been countless iconic moments that live on in the memory of fans like they happened yesterday. In celebration of NFL 100, the league is calling on all fans to vote on which moment should be crowned "The Greatest" in league history.

Starting today through Super Bowl Sunday, fans can go to to vote for their favorite moment to be named the "Greatest Moment in NFL History."

The selection process for the greatest moment began at the club level in July when fans began selecting the greatest moment in the history of each NFL team.

The experience will roll out in four rounds where fans will have a week to cast votes to advance their selection for greatest moment into the next round:


32 Greatest Moments - Fans select Top 8 AFC & Top 8 NFC


16 Greatest Moments Remain - Fans select Top 8 (across AFC & NFC)

Voting Opens Thursday, January 9 at 9:00 AM ET

Voting Closes Thursday, January 16 at Midnight ET


8 Greatest Moments Remain - Fans select Top 4 (across AFC & NFC)


4 Greatest Moments Remain - Fans select No. 1 Overall Moment

Voting Opens Thursday, January 23 at 9:00 AM ET

Voting Closes Super Bowl Sunday (February 2) at Noon ET

Below are the Greatest Moments for each NFL team, as determined by its fans:


Baltimore Ravens: The Mile-High Miracle
Buffalo Bills: The Comeback
Cincinnati Bengals: Jennings' Kickoff Return
Cleveland Browns: 1964 NFL Championship
Denver Broncos: Elway's Helicopter Run
Houston Texans: Watt's Pick 6
Indianapolis Colts: Jackson's Interception
Jacksonville Jaguars: Taylor's 90-Yard Touchdown
Kansas City Chiefs: 65 Toss Power Trap
Los Angeles Chargers: Epic in Miami
Miami Dolphins: The Perfect Season
New England Patriots: 28-3
New York Jets: Super Bowl III
Oakland Raiders: Marcus Allen's Reverse Run
Pittsburgh Steelers: The Immaculate Reception
Tennessee Titans: Music City Miracle


Arizona Cardinals: Fitz to the Post
Atlanta Falcons: 2016 NFC Championship
Carolina Panthers: Smith's Game-Winning TD
Chicago Bears: BearsSuper Bowl XX
Dallas Cowboys: Hail Mary
Detroit Lions: Thanksgiving in Detroit
Green Bay Packers: The Ice Bowl
Los Angeles Rams: The Tackle
Minnesota Vikings: The Minneapolis Miracle
New Orleans Saints: Porter's Pick 6
New York Giants: The Helmet Catch
Philadelphia Eagles: Philly Special
San Francisco 49ers: The Catch
Seattle Seahawks: Beastquake
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Barber's Pick 6
Washington Redskins: Riggo's Run

The Greatest Moment voting experience at will feature images of each moment that will redirect to a written description and video clip, allowing fans to revisit all 32 iconic moments in advance of voting their place in NFL history.

The winning moment will be unveiled on Super Bowl Sunday during the FOX Super Bowl LIV NFL Pregame Show.

As the official site for all things NFL 100, is the primary destination to stay up to date with all the initiatives, activities and content taking place throughout the league and at the club level celebrating the league's historic 100th season.

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