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Von Miller: Osweiler can lead just like Manning

We are in the business of comparing and contrasting, even if that sometimes means mashing together two entirely dissimilar players across different generations or positions. And sometimes, that can inform the questions we ask and the answers we get.

On Monday, during a stop at NFL Total Access,Von Miller was asked about Brock Osweiler's leadership qualities and he compared them to those of Peyton Manning.

"I see the same type of leadership qualities that I see in Peyton," Miller said on NFL Network. "He knows how to work the room. He can relate to everybody in the locker room -- not just the offensive guys, not just the defensive guys. He can relate to everybody in the room. Brock is one of those guys, and he goes out there and he leads in that type of way."

The truth is that Osweiler is his own guy. Perhaps he picked up some pointers from Manning over the past few years, but the exciting thing about a new era is new personalities. Osweiler would struggle mightily if he tried to command a room like Manning did, and having the chance to be himself will be the greatest gift head coach Gary Kubiak can give him if and when Manning decides to retire.

When players take over for a legend, their immediate knee-jerk response is to say they are their own person, and hopefully Osweiler will get the chance to do the same.

On Total Access Monday night, Miller said that the benching of Manning and then the subsequent benching of Osweiler "wasn't weird at all," but anyone who has spent time around NFL players or in a locker room knows that the truth was slightly more complicated. Part of the reason the Broncos have been working overtime in complimenting Osweiler through this period is because they know he handled the situation beautifully -- and quietly -- when many others wouldn't have.

He handled the situation like Osweiler -- and the Broncos are excited to find out what that translates to in the future.

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