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Von Miller a Defensive Player of the Year candidate?

Mark, let's hit a viewer/reader question that came via Twitter: "Is Von Miller there for Defensive Player of the Year?"

Miller is right there. Will he get it? No. And, for once, I'm going to blame the media.

Ten sacks and constant hell raising, you better believe he's there.

Actually, it's not just the media. It's human nature. There's already been so much hype about J.J. Watt as a prospective MVP -- and for all the right reasons -- 10.5 sacks so far.

True but a lot of times, this is a tortoise and hare race. Guys get love early and someone surges. That could happen with Miller if Denver continues to win and get more and more national attention.

Short of 30 sacks, I don't think Watt will get that MVP. But I think the same people who don't vote for him for MVP will be predisposed to vote for him as Defensive Player of the Year.

Watt isn't getting MVP, and if he gets Defensive Player of the Year, it won't be conciliatory. He'll have earned it. Watt's the leader now but Miller could be there. Let's not forget Charles Tillman.

There is, however, one way for Von Miller to settle the debate. Get yourself 30 sacks. And Steve, get yourself some sleep. Goodnight.

He won't have to work that hard. He'll just have to keep ballin' -- and winning -- and earn the honor.

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