Vince Young doesn't understand why he's not in NFL

When the St. Louis Rams went bargain shopping for a new quarterback in the wake of Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury, they ended up with the less than inspired selections of Brady Quinn and Austin Davis.

Vince Young, owner of a career 31-19 record as a starting quarterback, can't figure out why his phone never rang.

"Me and my wife and all my peers and fans, we're all trying to figure this stuff out. I don't have the slightest idea," Young told SiriusXM NFL Radio's Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Wednesday. "It's like a huge question mark over my head every day I wake up in the morning to take care of my responsibilities and know I should be playing. To not have one of those calls, it's tough."

If the Rams' primary goal was to make a run at .500 this season, Young would be a better option than Quinn or Kellen Clemens.

To be fair, though, Young brings plenty of baggage from his stint with the Tennessee Titans, when he showed poor leadership, couldn't handle adversity and lacked commitment and work ethic.

It's no surprise that his former coach (Jeff Fisher) would opt to go a more conservative route for the final two months in a lost season, likely ensuring a high draft pick for Bradford's 2014 return.

Young still can play, but it's going to take a perfect storm for another opportunity.

He's not viewed as a steadying force who will toe the line and mentor young quarterbacks. His best chance at a return might be a season-ending injury to a desperate contender with no capable backup on the roster.

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