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Vince Wilfork: 'We went into Gillette and got smoked'

Leave it to a former Patriot to perfectly sum up Thursday night's 27-0 beatdown.

"We went into Gillette Stadium and got smoked," Texans nose tackle Vince Wilfork told reporters after the game. "We've got to regroup. They played a hell of a game. We've got to put this one behind us and move forward quick.

"It was a real surprise. What can you do? You've got to give them credit. They came ready to play and we didn't."

The loss ejects Houston from the driver's seat in the AFC South. A win could have put them in control of a division where seemingly every other team is still trying to figure themselves out. The Colts (0-2) were still preseason favorites thanks to Andrew Luck and the Jaguars (0-2) were also a trendy option thanks to the rise of Blake Bortles. Now, they both have a little bit of breathing room.

For Wilfork, though, the loss can't be that heartbreaking. Having known coach Bill Belichick as well as he did over the 11 years spent in New England, Wilfork has seen countless moments where his former head coach was simply better prepared for the situation.

Now, they have 10 days to prepare for the 1-1 Titans, who are also determined not to die an early death in the AFC South. That's 10 days to ensure they don't get smoked again.

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