Vince Wilfork: Pats have no room for bandwagon fans

Every season, most every NFL team experiences the rapid lifecycle of hope, dismay, disappointment and, once again, hope, from their respective fan base.

But Patriots veteran Vince Wilfork isn't having it this year.

New England, once again, appears to be an odds on favorite to make a deep run in the playoffs. But after a 2-2 start, the talk around the team was much different.

"Now you look back 11 weeks later, and we're one of the best teams in the league," Wilfork said after the game, via CSN New England. "So the same people that were saying we were the most terrible team in the league now are patting us on the back. We don't have room for them. We don't have room for bandwagoners, guys that just off the bandwagon when things get tough."

Wilfork's reaction is understandable. There is little reason to believe that the Patriots' downfall is coming just yet, especially if Bill Belichick can find a way to rebuild his offensive line and continue to filter in some weapons for Tom Brady.

But the fans shouldn't take a brunt of the criticism, here. Wilfork's reaction is probably just as much aimed at reporters and analysts who ragged on the Patriots through their rough stretch. Sometimes, the two different groups get unfairly intertwined.

After ripping through one of the best teams in football on Sunday, New England has surpassed even Denver as the most fun team to watch in the NFL right now. It's a shame Wilfork isn't letting anyone else on that bandwagon.

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