Vince Wilfork: Patriots' D to go back to drawing board

The 2014 New England Patriots were supposed to boast a new and improved defense. Instead, on Sunday, Knowshon Morenogashed them incessantly in the second half, making it look like 2013 all over again in a 33-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

"Any time somebody can run the ball like that, it's not good," said nose tackle Vince Wilfork, per the Boston Herald. "We have to go back to the drawing board. That's what it's all about. Going back to the drawing board, look at the film, look at the corrections, being better in situational football and go from there. But it's a long season."

Moreno terrorized the Patriots' defense, breaking tackle after tackle for 134 yards and a touchdown run. On the day, Miami's running backs combined for 193 yards on 35 carries.

One key offseason addition for the Pats was Darrelle Revis, who allowed the game-tying touchdown pass to Mike Wallace as the flood-gates shot open. Revis allowed two catches on five targets, but was not the panacea he was purported to be during the offseason.

"It's just not a good day for us. We didn't play well, and that's the taste we have in our mouth today," Revis said. "It doesn't matter about my first day, it would have been way better if we would have come out with a victory. We're worried about the loss."

Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders had some harsh words for Revis on Sunday night during NFL Network's GameDay Highlights show.

"I love him, he is a good corner, but he has to get back to the old Revis or they are going to keep victimizing him," Sanders said. "He played a fairly good game but not a great game, and I expect a little more. I know I'm going to get more because he has to get that attitude back. They brought him over there to take them to the next level, not to be an average corner. He's better than that."

It's just one game, but the issues that resurfaced in Week 1 looked far too much like the characteristics of the soft defense Bill Belichick managed last season.

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