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Vikings' Williams takes exception to Frazier's jabs at D-line

Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams doesn't take kindly to the idea that he was pushed around in a 39-10 loss to the Chicago Bears last Sunday at Soldier Field. Even if the one doing the suggesting is Vikings coach Leslie Frazier.

Frazier told reporters earlier this week that the Vikings' defensive line was "not nearly as physical" in the loss, leaving Williams to tell the St. Paul Pioneer Press his coach should just call out who he wants to call out.

"If you want to call somebody out, call who you're talking about out," Williams said Friday, per the report. "Don't say the whole group got out-physicaled. I don't believe that at all.

"I saw that on the news and I was like, 'You show a play where two guys are double-teaming me, of course you're going to get out-physicaled if you're getting double-teamed on a run block. One guy's trying to hold me up and the other guy's trying to take a run at my side' ... If you want to call somebody out, you can do that. A couple of guys might have gotten pushed off the ball, but the whole group, no."

Williams, the six-time Pro Bowler and cornerstone of the defensive line who said he "very seldom" gets blocked one on one, suggested the team's secondary needed to step up when the Vikings were facing max protection against the Bears.

"We've got to be able to stop three guys going out on a route if they are going to block us with seven guys," Williams said.

Williams sounds pretty fed up with the performance of the defense in Minnesota. But if fingers are being pointed, it's clear Williams feels they should be pointed elsewhere.

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