Vikings offer camp advice: Always bring your own TP

As the Vikings reported for training camp at Minnesota State University, Mankato, veterans and rookies alike checked into their dorm rooms together.

But one veteran in particular, sixth-year safety Andrew Sendejo, shined above the rest.

Cramming mammoth football players into college dormitories is one of the fine NFL traditions we hope never dies. The Jets just bowed out of SUNY Cortland in favor of a home training camp, continuing a trend of teams opting to work at their own facility. It's cost-effective and ensures almost year-round usage of the expensive home bases.

But in Sendejo's tweet, and this collection of posts from Vikings players, one can truly get a sense of what a road training camp is all about.

There is an irreplaceable bond that can occur over the lack of quality toilet paper and one player's hideously amazing fish blanket that simply cannot happen in the sterile confines of the team's home facility.

We can only hope Sendejo isn't the only one who remembered some toilet paper.

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