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Vikings' new stadium roof getting snow melt system

In December 2010, the Metrodome -- the former home of the Minnesota Vikings -- collapsed for the fifth time.

You remember, right?

If not, here is one of the greatest pieces of stadium video in the history of stadiums or video:

Not to fear, patrons of Minnesota. The builders of your shiny new abode are trying to help ensure a collapse like that never happens again. One way of accomplishing that goal is by installing a snow melt system that will trap and thaw the large quantities of snow that could otherwise cover the massive roof, The Star Tribune documented Sunday. 

(Yes, this post was an excuse to watch the Metrodome collapse again. It's April 12th.)

But hey, the construction on the Vikings' new stadium hit the midway point on Wednesday. So that's pretty cool.

Have nothing better to do for the next 17 months? Then watch men in hard hats hammer every nail in real time before the Vikings play their first game in 2016 via this live camera from the team's official website.

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