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Vikings' Justin Jefferson has 'circled' matchup with Rams' Jalen Ramsey 

With the preseason one week closer to the end, the regular season beckons with games that matter coming into focus. We're still weeks away from the season opener, but that won't stop players from gearing up mentally to face All-Star opponents.

Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson is giddy like it's Christmas morning about the prospect of facing Los Angeles Rams corner Jalen Ramsey this season.

Joining the All Things Covered podcast, Jefferson was asked which corner he's looking forward to facing one-on-one the most that he hasn't played. Before the question could even finished being asked, Jefferson spit out his answer:

"Jalen Ramsey," Jefferson said. "I'm waiting. That game is circled. That game is circled for me."

Unfortunately, Jefferson will have to wait until Dec. 26 for the Vikings to host the Rams in Week 16.

The young wideout, dealing with a minor shoulder injury that isn't expected to hinder him come Week 1, burst onto the scene. He proved uncoverable in Year 1, setting the rookie receiving yards record with 1,400 yards on 88 catches with seven TDs. Jefferson displayed the ability to eat up man coverage and zone alike. His route running was superb as a rookie, something that should only get better in Year 2.

Ramsey, meanwhile, is coming off an All-Pro season in which he allowed a career-low 50 percent completion percentage. In L.A., Ramsey cemented his status as the No. 1 cover corner, able to take the opponent's best receiver one-on-one and allow the rest of the defense to roll to the other side of the field.

Last year Ramsey shut down a host of top pass catchers.

*Tweet from Jan. 13 should be amended to include the Divisional Round: GB Davante Adams 3 rec, on 3 targets, 27 yards, 0 TDs, per PFF (Adams' TD came with safety Nick Scott closest in coverage).

It's a long while before the Jefferson-Ramsey post-Christmas showdown, but it should be worth the wait to watch two of the best players in the NFL battle mano a mano.

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