Vikings guard Alex Boone doesn't like Terrelle Pryor

While we wait for some new on-field rivalries to surface during the season, how about a slap fight between two players in different divisions that started years ago and is only now resurfacing?

Cool. Cool. Here's what Vikings guard Alex Boone said about former Ohio State teammate Terrelle Pryor, now a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.

"The kid was so arrogant at the time. I hated everything about him," Boone said on KFAN in Minnesota on Friday. He was asked to name the quarterbacks he blocked for at Ohio State and listed Pryor last, saying that "I could not stand any minute with him."

When Boone found out that Pryor was still in the league, he had this:

"He's still playing? He's still playing? Oh my god."

For his part, Pryor seemed confused about the attack and told reporters that he didn't know where the animus came from. He also put out a tweet seeming to challenge Boone.

There you have it. Strong stuff from two players who will not meet during the regular season and play on the same side of the ball, anyway. But here's your positive takeaway from the piece: Boone really seemed to like Troy Smith.

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