Vikings GM: 'We have no interest in trading' Peterson

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman intends to keep Adrian Peterson on the roster and he's not leaving much room for interpretation.

"We can just end the Adrian Peterson stuff," Spielman told reporters on Tuesday. "Our position has not changed. ... We have no interest in trading Adrian Peterson."

Spielman added that if the Vikings wanted to move Peterson in a trade they probably would have already done it by now.

"Our position has not changed, all the statements we've made at the owners meeting," he said. "Adrian Peterson is under contract, the suspension was lifted, we're looking forward to having Adrian Peterson back here as a Minnesota Viking in 2015 and that's the end of the story. I think coach Zimmer stated it pretty clear that we have no interest in trading Adrian Peterson."

Peterson was suspended last November stemming from a no contest plea on what the league called "an incident of abusive discipline" toward his four-year-old son. He was reinstated earlier this month and is eligible to participate in all scheduled activities with the Vikings.

Peterson's camp has made no secret of their wish for a clean break from the Vikings. Peterson's agent, Ben Dogra, told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport in March that it's not in Peterson's best interest to play for the Vikings.

The Vikings clearly want to move on. It will be up to Peterson if that actually happens.

In other Vikings news, Spielman said he is "looking forward" to the possibility of trading out of the 11th overall pick.

"When you get from the seventh or eighth pick down to the 20th pick there isn't that much difference," he said.

Spielman added that he does not anticipate the Vikings moving up in the draft.

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