Vikings coach Childress travels to Mississippi, meets with Favre

The Brett Favre saga took a familiar turn Sunday night, when Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress arrived in the quarterback's hometown of Hattiesburg, Miss. That can only mean one thing: Childress is trying to see if Favre will play this coming season.

Even Favre's agent is exasperated

The will he-won't he Brett Favre drama weighs heavily on his confidante and agent, Bus Cook.

In an interview for the August issue of Men's Journal, Cook called Favre "a drama queen" after the QB informed the media that he needed ankle surgery. That revelation caused a flood of phone calls to Cook's office and drew an apology from Favre.

"You never learn," Cook told Favre. "... I've got ... phone calls to make. Thanks to you." **More ...**

When asked by WDAM-TV why he was in town, Childress said: "You can fill in the blanks."

Childress and Favre were seen together Monday at the University of Southern Mississippi's 7-on-7 passing camp for high school players, according to the television station. Favre, 40, has been throwing passes to Oak Grove High School football players while he recovers from offseason ankle surgery.

Childress made similar visits to Favre last year, then the quarterback decided to come out of retirement and play for the Vikings. Favre enjoyed one of the best seasons of his 19-year NFL career and led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game.

This year, Favre again has been elusive on whether or not he will play, but he hasn't been shy about talking with the media. He recently opened up to Men's Journal magazine and last week accepted an award at the ESPYs.

Favre told Men's Journal for its August issue that he isn't worried about his health as it relates to playing a 20th NFL season.

"Playing another year probably isn't going to make a difference," Favre told the magazine. "The damage has already been done."

At the ESPYs, Favre said his surgically repaired left ankle is still healing.

Kirwan: No doubt on Favre's future

Brett Favre hasn't said whether or not he will return to the Vikings this coming season, but Pat Kirwan is confident the QB will play. Kirwan even has a return date in mind. **More ...**

"I still have a little bit of time and still believe it or not [I'm] not completely healthy," Favre said. "I guess at 40 I may never be. I'm not getting any younger, but I am working hard trying to feel as best I can. Last year, I felt great. My arm was totally different than it was the year before and that made my decision a little bit easier. But we'll see."

Favre added that any comeback thought "starts with the ankle," but he called the Vikings "a great football team" that he admired.

The Vikings are scheduled to open training camp July 30 in Mankato, Minn. Favre skipped training camp last season while he mulled his decision to return.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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