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Viewer's Choice: Pick your favorite America's Game

Celebrate Independence Day with America's Game.

Starting at 6 a.m. ET on July 4 (Complete listings), NFL Network will be airing 48 consecutive hours of the Emmy award-winning series America's Game, including America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions and America's Game: The Missing Rings.

In addition to the America's Game marathon, NFL Network will also air a "viewer's choice" episode on Monday, July 6, at 8 p.m. ET (and re-airing at 12 a.m. ET). Please select an episode from the list below by voting in the poll on the bottom right hand side of the page.

   Voted the greatest 
  Super Bowl-winning team of all-time by a panel of NFL football experts, the 1972 
  Dolphins stand alone as the only undefeated team in NFL history. Re-live Miami's perfect season through the eyes of defensive lineman 
  **Manny Fernandez**, head coach 
  **Don Shula** and 
  Pro Bowl fullback 
  **Larry Csonka**. Narrated by 
  **Alec Baldwin**. 
   What did 
  Raiders head coach 
  **John Madden** think of quarterback 
  **Ken Stabler**'s attention span at different moments of the game? What caused an "avalanche" while Madden was being carried off the field after 
  Super Bowl XI? How did the 
  Raiders use their arm pads to gain a competitive advantage? Madden, Stabler and 
  Pro Bowl linebacker 
  **Phil Villapiano** tell the story of the first 
  Raiders team to bring an NFL championship to Oakland. Narrated by 
  **Laurence Fishburne**. 
   How did 
  **Joe Theismann** earn the respect of his teammates during the players' strike? What was defensive tackle 
  **Dave Butz**'s game-day superstition while driving to the stadium? How did Theismann and coach 
  **Joe Gibbs** finally see eye-to-eye prior to the 1982 season? The story of the 1982 
  Redskins is told through the eyes of Theismann, guard 
  **Russ Grimm** and tight end 
  **Rick Walker**, who provide an intimate portrait of how these players became 
  Super Bowl champions. Narrated by 
  **Alec Baldwin**. 
   Why did 
  Giants head coach 
  **Bill Parcells** throw garbage on his players during halftime of the final regular-season game in 1986? What did the relationship between Parcells and quarterback 
  **Phil Simms** look like from the inside? Travel back to 1986 through the eyes of Parcells, Simms and NFL MVP 
  **Lawrence Taylor**. Narrated by 
  **Laurence Fishburne**. 
  *America's Game: The Missing Rings* comes the greatest teams never to win a 
  Super Bowl. From the "Ickey Shuffle" to a crushing defeat in 
  Super Bowl XXIII, re-live the story of the 1988 
  Bengals with NFL MVP 
  **Boomer Esiason**, All-Pro defensive tackle 
  **Tim Krumrie** and head coach 
  **Sam Wyche**. Narrated by 
  **Ed Harris**. 
   Why did coach 
  **Jimmy Johnson** have the team's transportation leave two of his star players behind? What was on Hall of Fame wide receiver 
  **Michael Irvin**'s list when Johnson took over as head coach? 
  Hall of Fame quarterback 
  **Troy Aikman**, linebacker 
  **Ken Norton Jr.** and Irvin tell the story of the 1992 
  Cowboys. Narrated by 
  **Alec Baldwin**. 

Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young explains the regret he has for the classic Super Bowl sound bite, "Somebody take the monkey off my back." He also states that his benching by coach George Seifert in Week 5 was the season's turning point. Young, Pro Bowl tight end Brent Jones and Pro Bowl safety Merton Hanks chronicle the 49ers' run to victory in Super Bowl XXIX, the franchise's then-NFL record fifth championship. Narrated by Bruce Willis.

   Why did running back 
  **Terrell Davis** think the 
  Broncos' coaches got "tight" late in the 1998 season? How did tight end 
  **Shannon Sharpe**'s trash talking get his teammates in trouble? Why did winning 
  Super Bowl XXXIII bring relief to the 
  Broncos? Davis, Sharpe and Pro Bowl guard 
  **Mark Schlereth** explain how the 1998 
  Broncos became 
  Super Bowl champions. Narrated by 
  **Kevin Bacon**. 
   What did 
  **Adam Vinatieri** say to the 
  Patriots' trainer prior to kicking the game-winning field goal in 
  Super Bowl XXXVI? How did 
  **Bill Belichick** motivate the underdog 
  Patriots throughout the 2001 season? Quarterback 
  **Tom Brady**, 
  Pro Bowl safety 
  **Lawyer Milloy** and Vinatieri re-live the story of the 2001 
  Patriots. Narrated by 
  **Martin Sheen**. 
   How did 
  **Bill Cowher** use Christopher Columbus to motivate his team? What did quarterback 
  **Ben Roethlisberger** promise 
  **Jerome Bettis** after the 2004 AFC Championship Game loss to the 
  Patriots? The story of the 2005 
  Steelers is told through the eyes of Cowher, Bettis and linebacker 
  **Joey Porter**, who provide an inside look at how the 
  Steelers became 
  Super Bowl champions. Narrated by 
  **Tom Selleck**. 
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