View from The 50: The calm before the media storm

This is the calm before the storm.

In a few hours, the Around The NFL team will hop on a shuttle and make the (long) trek to San Jose's SAP Center for Super Bowl Opening Night. For years, this event was held on Tuesday under the humble moniker Media Day. As you might have noticed, the NFL is largely disinterested in doing anything humble for the golden anniversary of their signature event, so Super Bowl Opening Night it is.

I'll be curious to see if the NFL makes any other changes to the event beyond the shift to prime time. For the third consecutive year, it will be open to the public, though I must concede I'm not sure how fun it is to watch people sit on risers and talk to grumpy journos. At least the snack bars are open.

You can expect plenty of camera time and a healthy throng of media types for Peyton, Cam, Kuechly, Von, DeMarcus et al. Want some under-the-radar SLEEPERS for high-end Opening Night coverage? How about Broncos tight end Nick Kasa, who attended the AFC Championship Game as a fan then got signed to the practice squad the same day. That is Super Bowl week catnip for national journos.

Panthers tight end and special teams contributor Ben Jacobs would typically get ignored at an event like this, but he can expect healthy attention as the co-creator of the CreedBomb. Poor Michael Oher will field several hundred questions about The Blind Side. This will be hyper familiar for Oher, who fielded approximately 900 questions about The Blind Side during Media Day in New Orleans back in 2013.

And please pray for Demaryius Thomas, who is one of the best wide receivers in football, but will be the subject of endless queries about his formerly incarcerated mother. Anything with a human interest angle will be seized upon and picked to the bone.

Me, I'll just wander around, talk to some people, take some pictures and try not to trip over any cables. I'll check back with you in a bit. Follow me on Instagram!

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