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Victor Cruz brushes off Giants WRs' Miami trip

There's never a shortage of drama surrounding Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham and the playoff-bound Giants.

One day after images emerged of Cruz and his wide receivers hanging out in Miami following Sunday's game and after coach Ben McAdoo diffused any controversy ("Players are off until tomorrow morning"), it was Cruz's turn to face the New York media, namely WFAN host Mike Francesca.

Like McAdoo, Cruz said the tabloid hubbub surrounding their shirtless soiree in South Beach was much ado about nothing.

"There's nothing really to talk about, Mike," Cruz said on Tuesday. "To be honest those things are personal, from my personal life that don't need to be discussed. It doesn't have anything to do about football. It doesn't really matter.

"Yeah, I mean, we get photographed everywhere we go. Whether it's Miami or New York City, it doesn't matter. I mean, obviously, we understand it's news, but if it ain't about Green Bay, we're not talking about it.

Added Cruz: "Trust me, if somebody was late or not on time you would have heard it before I did this interview. Everybody was on time, ready to rock and roll."

While Cruz played the situation straight for radio, his quarterback yucked it up for the cameras, offering the wild-card-week drama a bit of levity.

"I think as a team, we always pride ourselves on being prepared. So when I saw the pictures, I was a little disappointed," Eli Manning joked. "Obviously, they didn't pack accordingly. They didn't have any shirts, all long pants, no shirts, no flip flops. I was disappointed on the packing and them not being prepared."

So to recap, good news: The Giants started their preparations on Tuesday for Sunday afternoon's trip to Lambeau Field, and everyone was accounted for.

Bad news: Eli is making dad jokes.

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