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Victor Cruz a top fantasy football target in Week 2

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This week in Targets and Touches, a few things have become evident. Mainly that you can trust Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks again (if you ever stopped), and possibly Wes Welker - though that is a bit of a sticky wicket, as they say. There's also a couple of wideouts that are worth nabbing in free agency - and one may have just become his teams' top wide receiver overall. And what is a free agent tight end doing in the rankings? And why do I quote "Cool as Ice" below? To T-N-T we go.

Words can't tell you how happy I am for Danny Amendola, who looked like he could have been the next Wes Welker before getting injured a year ago. Sam Bradford is desperately looking for a top target, and Amendola has a knack for getting open. I don't expect 16 targets every week, but if you can own only one Rams wideout, Amendola's the guy. (That sounds like how the most Interesting Man In The World would say it.) Go get him in your waiver draft this week. (Amendola, not the Dos Equis guy.)

I'm breathing a sigh of relief for Dwayne Bowe. Coming into the season I projected him to be a Top 10 fantasy wideout in 2012, and after a huge Week 2 that included 15 targets (okay, plenty of them in garbage time but that doesn't mean those points don't count), Bowe could be back on track. I'm a big believer in him during this contract year. Keep playing him as a No. 2 and if you can trade for him, do it. And everything I just said for Bowe goes for Percy Harvin (I'm wiping my brow with one of those thick fancy hotel room towels as we speak.)

What the heck is Dennis Pitta doing on this list? Dominating, is what. There have been so many disappointing tight ends through the first two weeks of the season, and Pitta is THE shining light on the free agent wire (Brent Celek may be available in your league as well, so I'll put him just below Pitta). It's obvious this has become a Joe Flacco-centric offense in Baltimore, and that means more targets in the passing game. Unless you're starting one of the elite tight ends in the league, time to drop the zero and get with the hero (yes, I just went Vanilla Ice on you).

What the heck is Darren Sproles doing on this list? Dominating, is what. I freely admit, I thought his stats would take a bit of a dive in 2012, and so far I'm half right. He's yet to carry the football but has still been a consistent fantasy point producer so far, especially in PPR leagues. He's still a risk/reward type of player, but while he's putting up numbers, I'm playing him at my flex.

For those of you waiting for Brandon Lloyd to become fantasy relevant, welcome to Week 2. He (and Wes Welker, who had 11 targets), will be huge beneficiaries as long as Aaron Hernandez is out. The Patriots will have to change their approach in Hernandez' absence, so Welker and Lloyd are excellent No. 2 wide receiver options - for now. They'll suck up the majority of Hernandez' targets.

Brian Hartline of the Dolphins also had 12 targets and that makes him an intriguing option on the waiver wire. Ryan Tannehill is searching for his go-to wide receiver, and Hartline seems to be it. Tannehill went to him exclusively on a huge touchdown drive in the 2nd half. He's worth grabbing and stashing him on your bench to see if this continues.

Just off the list, the ColtsDonnie Avery saw ten targets from Andrew Luck as part of his 111 yard day Sunday. Here's my thing. He had some okay fantasy value a couple of years ago, and I think Luck is going to put up very good fantasy numbers all season, and well, he has to throw to someone else besides Reggie Wayne, doesn't he? If you have an open slot on your bench, why not grab him and see how it plays out?

Reggie Bush's and his 29 touches were the second most in Week 2 (surprise, Arian Foster had 34 to top the list), and now I think we're done with the "Can Reggie Bush really be a star?" questions. He had a breakthrough 2011. He had over 10 fantasy points against Houston in Week 1, the toughest defense this side of San Francisco. His monster Week 2 means he's a must-start at either your No. 2 running back slot or flex.

Cedric Benson saw 24 touches out of the backfield last Wednesday for Green Bay, good for fifth place during Week 2. He's someone who's now a fully legitimate flex option for you. He will average over 20 touches a game for the rest of the season, and will be a double-digit point scoring threat from here on out.

Let's close with Six Degrees of Patriots. Former Patriots RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis also totaled 24 touches for Cincinnati, while his replacement in New England, Stevan Ridley, had 21. Both of them are great flex plays at the least, as both Cincinnati and New England have shown early trends to run the football more than you'd expect. Who knew the vast treasure trove of running back fantasy points with origins in Foxboro ever existed?

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