Vick's return to Atlanta leads Week 2 slate

I'm not gonna lie, we don't have quite the juicy menu to sink our teeth into this week. The schedule was stacked in Week 1 with five footlong matchups; this week, it's not so top-heavy. We don't have as many marquee teams battling each other, and, unlike last week, we're bereft of a single divisional contest (remember, there were some quirks with the schedule given the uncertainty of the lockout). Matt Pomeroy, our esteemed research guru, tells me it's the first weekend in 43 NFL seasons that no division opponents meet.

And, unfortunately, we're down to football just two days this week as opposed to three a week ago. There are enough emotionally charged games on the schedule to appease us all, however, as no squad wants to start the year 0-2. And we still haven't approached bye season yet, so it's a full slate of 16 games.

Remember, games will be rated as either a footlong, a six-inch, a pita or a finger sandwich.

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