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Vick's agent talks to Goodell about suspended quarterback

Embattled quarterback Michael Vick met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on this weekend last year to inform him that his dogfighting issues were overblown.

With Vick now serving a 23-month prison sentence for conspiring to run an interstate dogfighting operation, his agent Joel Segal met with the commissioner on behalf of his client on Thursday.

Segal was spotted in the lobby of the NFL's New York offices, before his previously scheduled meeting with the commissioner.

Segal declined to go into any specifics, but did admit he visited Vick in a Leavenworth, KS., jail last week and insists the quarterback is staying in shape. Vick is hoping to resume his career in 2009, after missing this season.

Segal apparently was hoping to open the lines of communication with the commissioner, but he did not disclose any of his conversations with the commissioner.

Goodell has had a busy week of conversations regarding troubled but talented players. On Wednesday he spoke with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about suspended cornerback Pacman Jones and on Thursday Goodell was debriefed on Vick.

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