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Vick, Eagles unconcerned about travel limitations affecting team

As part of his dogfighting conviction, Eagles QB Michael Vick faced travel limitations at the behest of authorities.

Vick misses charity event

Michael Vick notified organizers of his charity golf tournament just a few hours before it was to start that he would be unable to attend. He also missed another community event. **More ...**

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Recently, Vick's been restricted from traveling outside the state of Pennsylvania, but according to team sources and sources close to Vick, there are no worries about the restrictions impacting his ability to travel with the team in the preseason or regular season.

"No way," said a source close to Vick. "This will not keep him from doing his job and going on the road with the Eagles."

An Eagles source said: "His restrictions will have no impact on his working or traveling with the Eagles. He has had restrictions since he joined the team as do all people on probation."

Philadelphia continues to stand behind Vick following events at his recent birthday party that included a shooting. Vick is not a suspect in that case.

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