Vernon Davis: I want to be more involved in Niners' O

Frank Gore said this week that he's struggled to find his rhythm in this year's San Francisco 49ers' offense. The running back isn't alone.

Tight end Vernon Davis is on pace for the fewest catches of his career since 2008. Without a clear reason why, Davis this week pointed to play-caller Greg Roman.

"For me, it's all about coming here, showing up and doing what I have to do to contribute," Davis said, per the San Francisco Chronicle. "As far as not getting the ball, (I) leave it up to the offensive coordinator. It's his call."

Davis has dropped his share of passes, but his career-low 9.4 yards per grab has stripped the Niners of their most trustworthy deep threat. After ripping off 16 catches of 20-plus yards last season, the veteran has just two this autumn.

"I look at myself as a playmaker," Davis said. "Not just someone who's blocking. I enjoy it. I would love to be involved a little bit more. I would love that. That would be amazing. But like I said, it's out of my control. All I can do is come here, show up and take care of my responsibilities."

Roman's offense has come under fire of late, ranking dead last in points per game since Week 7. As we mentioned on the latest podcast, the once-fascinating 49ers have been worse than bad on offense: They've been boring.

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