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Unsolicited advice: Don't buy that Trevor Siemian shirt

There's an old saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." It's a pretty solid saying, one that I endorse, because it's almost always good advice to follow.

So as a person who receives a check signed by Roger Goodell, I'd prefer not to get in hot water by telling you to go out of your way to avoid NFL-approved merchandise available for purchase at the league's official website.

But yeah, don't buy this Trevor Siemian shirt.

There are some curves that are good to get ahead of. The real estate market. Apple stock. Independent music. But Trevor Siemian merch? Not necessary.

Don't buy this Trevor Siemian shirt.

I don't want to tell you what to do. You're a big boy (or girl). Or maybe you're not. Maybe you're an Internet-savvy youngster who was about to complete your Siemian merch order with your mom's credit card and this article popped up on your Twitter timeline. That's good. It gives you time to reconsider. And here's my advice:

Don't buy this Trevor Siemian shirt.

I get it. You love the Broncos. You trust the vision of Gary Kubiak and John Elway. This unshakable faith makes Trevor Siemian a can't-miss prospect. Only, he's not. There's a pretty decent chance he's back on the bench by Week 4 and you're stuck with a $30 dust rag (I'm factoring in shipping and handling). Wouldn't that suck?

And you might ask, "But what if Siemian thrives?" That's great! Congrats! The Broncos solved their quarterback problem and your favorite team is primed for another deep playoff run. But let's give it literally three weeks before making a financial investment in the Denver Broncos quarterback situation.

Until then ... well, you know.

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