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Unhappy Porter wants Dolphins to release him, not trade him

Joey Porter said Tuesday that he wants the Miami Dolphins to release him rather than trade him because he's frustrated about his reduced role and doubts his relationship with coach Tony Sparano can be repaired.

"I didn't ask for a trade," the four-time Pro Bowl linebacker said during an interview on WQAM, the Dolphins' flagship radio station. "I asked the coach if that was the situation you planned on using me, just let me leave. I don't want to be traded nowhere.

"If you don't want me to play full time, just make it easy on both of us and release me. I'm not asking for no more money. I'm not asking for nothing different. I'm just asking to play. If I can't do that for you, then why you want to keep me there, knowing that I'm unhappy? Bringing that negative vibe?"

Porter's campaign to leave the Dolphins went national with his Monday appearance on ESPN. A pledge from the Dolphins that Porter can play full time in 2010 is unlikely, and he told WQAM that such a vow wouldn't salvage the situation.

"I wouldn't believe them," he said.

Porter said as his role was diminished last season, he talked with Sparano only on Sundays and stopped speaking with football czar Bill Parcells or general manager Jeff Ireland.

"I felt like an outcast," Porter said. "The writing was on the wall for me. I was putting too much into the pot and not getting enough back."

Porter was unhappy about being replaced by pass-rush specialist Cameron Wake in some situations.

"I'm an every-down player," Porter said. "I'm supposed to be out on the field when the game's on the line. I was on the sideline in the fourth quarter cheering. ...

"My mind wouldn't be there because I'm frustrated that I'm on the sideline. It's hard for me to accept that after being in the Pro Bowl just a year ago. Now all of a sudden I'm taking a back seat -- for who and for what?"

Porter said he saw less playing time after Sparano held him out of a midseason game at Tampa Bay. The only reason given at the time was a "coach's decision."


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"It was because I went out to get something to eat from 9 to 10:30 (two nights before the game)," Porter said. "I've never heard that before -- telling a grown man what to do on a Friday night."

Porter led the AFC in 2008 with 17.5 sacks. His sack total this season fell to nine, still the Dolphins' high.

"Outside linebacker? I'm the best one we've got. Period," Porter said. "Why should I be switching with any of those guys? Being 32, I don't have time to be playing childish games. If you want to put Cameron Wake in the game, go ahead and good luck to you. Let me go find a job somewhere else."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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