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Tyrann Mathieu's future roster bonuses built with conditions

Tyrann Mathieu's first NFL contract has built-in conditions that will protect the Arizona Cardinals at almost every turn over its first three years, two sources who have seen the deal said Thursday.

Mathieu's contract is worth $3.052 million over four years but will require the defensive back to keep his nose clean.

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Per the sources, Mathieu will receive a $265,000 roster bonus, and $196,000 of his 2014 salary also is guaranteed. Roster bonuses of about $99,000 in 2014 and $102,000 in 2015 are guaranteed against skill and injury but also require that Mathieu is on the Cardinals' roster for all 16 games in 2013 and '14, respectively.

Mathieu also has a $154,000 roster bonus, due in 2016, that requires he's on the Cardinals' roster for all 16 games in 2015. That kind of condition on the roster bonuses routinely is built to protect teams against a player being suspended.

Also, much of the additional compensation in Mathieu's contract is tied to workout bonuses that require 90 percent attendance at the Cardinals' offseason program and full minicamp participation.

One executive from a rival team said: "This shows they don't trust him yet. They're going to make him earn it."

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