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Tulloch: Outrageous to think 'Tebowing' had deeper meaning

The whole "Tebowing" fad has certainly received plenty of mileage over the last week.

So when the Lions' Stephen Tulloch and Tony Scheffler were the first to go "Tebowing" -- the former on Tim Tebow himself -- during the Lions' rout of the Broncos this past Sunday, it got plenty of attention

But it appears the meaning behind the poses was misinterpreted.

Mocking Tebow? Yes. Mocking God? Not so much.

"The fact that anyone could ever say that I'm mocking God is outrageous," Tulloch told the team's official website. "We were just having fun. If you watch the game, the guys that parachuted into the game 'Tebowed' as they came down. It's a fad.

"I was able to get to Tebow and sack him first, so I did it. It wasn't out of disrespect, it was out of fun."

Tebow seems to be having a good time with the whole thing, although he might not find Tulloch's version at his expense quite as funny. It's going to require some thick skin on his part, and Tulloch said he even approached Tebow after the game to offer encouragement.

It might be time to take a step back for some perspective on something as simple and entertaining as this is. The idea that fellow NFL players would openly mock Tebow's religious beliefs brings this conversation into a much more serious place.

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