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Tuesday RB rankings: McCoy edges Foster at No. 2

If we're going to hang out, folks, you need to realize when I'm kidding. Even though the hash tag should have been a giveaway.

But still. I was standing on the sidelines at Fawcett Stadium (humble brag) just feet from where Miller coughed up the ball on his very first attempt and I couldn't help but laugh. Don't let it get you down, however. Miller looked very good in his other two runs. You know, when he didn't fumble.

If you'll allow me to hit you with a cliché, but the preseason is more marathon than sprint. The Dolphins will take on the Jaguars this week. Let's see how Miller responds.

However, that won't stop me from releasing my much-too-early rankings for fantasy running backs. And this week, we'll get deep.

1. Adrian Peterson
I'm done doubting Peterson.

2. LeSean McCoy
I had gone with Arian Foster at No. 2 for so long, it just seemed automatic to me. However, when I started doing mock drafts (which are open on right now) and took the second spot, I rarely took Foster. And if I'm not going to take Foster in that spot, why would I keep him ranked second? So I'm going with McCoy. Call me a West Coast homer, but I'm all about Chip Kelly and his offense. Look at the success Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh have had in recent years. The Pac-12 is churning out coaches and I'm on board.

3. Arian Foster
But I still have Foster in the top three. His absence from practice isn't a huge concern, but it's enough for me to keep him behind McCoy.

*4. Jamaal Charles *Charles is due for a monster season with Andy Reid as the new coach. Not only is he great as a running back, he's an exceptional receiver. Look for him to get involved in screens and even line up wide.

5. Doug Martin
The Buccaneers will continue to run the ball heavily this year. And to be honest, I love that Martin gets to run against the Saints, Falcons and Panthers six times this year. All three of those teams ranked in the top 11 in fantasy points allowed to running backs last year.

6. Marshawn Lynch
The opposite of Martin is Lynch, who has to go up against the 49ers, Cardinals and St. Louis six times. He did well last year, but I'm not feeling the Seahawks this year. I'm worried about it. Not enough to keep him out of the top 10, mind you. But enough to have him below some of the other studs.

7. Trent Richardson
Norv Turner has done a wonderful job with running backs when he's an offensive coordinator. Richardson is going to be the key to the Browns offense. Richardson could be the breakout of the year.

8. C.J. Spiller
There is always a fear Tashard Choice is a threat to take goal-line work. Until you remember it's Tashard Choice.

9. Alfred Morris
Man, am I this foolish to think #Shanahanigans won't strike? If there's any good news, Terrell Davis had his carries increase in each of his first four years. And they're going to want to protect RG3.

10. Ray Rice
I like him, but Bernard Pierce started to emerge at the end of last season and during the playoffs. Rice can still be a top 10 guy, but might take a tiny step back. Especially if the Ravens' offense stalls this year.

11. Matt Forte
He's going to be a monster in Marc Trestman's offense.

12. Steven Jackson
One of the biggest knocks against Jackson was his touchdown totals in St. Louis. That won't be a problem with the Falcons. Plus, he's going to be excellent as a receiver, too.

13. Chris Johnson
Johnson could be more involved in the passing game, which is good. But he could lose touches in the red zone.

14. Le'Veon Bell
He's already with the first-team offense in Pittsburgh. He's the rookie to target in your fantasy drafts.

15. Frank Gore
He ranked in the top 10 last year among fantasy running backs. The only knock is that he has reached the dreaded age of 30. So I like him as a No. 2 only.

16. Lamar Miller
I won't let that fumble get into my subconscious too much. Well, maybe a little.

17. Darren McFadden
He's going to benefit from the new zone power running scheme in Oakland. The key is his health. Thankfully, most fantasy enthusiasts will pass on him because of his injury concerns. I'd love to have him as a flex.

18. Reggie Bush
He could be a fantasy monster in Detroit. But he had trouble with his health when he played on turf previously.

19. DeMarco Murray
He gets hurt way too much for me to take a chance on him any sooner.

20. Maurice Jones-Drew
I'm not sold that he's going to be able to rebound this year. If I can nab him as a low-end No. 2, that seems about right.

21. David Wilson
Pay attention to him in preseason this week. He could start to move up the board. But Andre Brown is in the mix, too, to keep him from truly being a breakout guy.

22. Stevan Ridley
I let him tumble because he can't hold on to the ball. Plus Shane Vereen is going to have a huge role.

23. Chris Ivory
Some fantasy enthusiasts love him as a sleeper. But he hasn't impressed in Jets camp yet. Plus ... Jets.

24. Darren Sproles
One of the most unsung guys in fantasy. He's a monster in PPR leagues.

25. Montee Ball
The Broncos have Ronnie Hillman higher on the depth chart. But Ball will eventually be the guy in Denver.

26. Daryl Richardson
He was able to steal carries last year, but he's going to be in a committee mix. But not so much from Isiah Pead, but Zac Stacy.

27. Rashard Mendenhall
Bruce Arians loves him and he's going to be given every chance to succeed.

28. Eddie Lacy
He's started to take over the No. 1 spot for the Packers. I like Jonathan Franklin a lot, but Lacy is the guy right now. Even if he does take unflattering photos.

29. Shane Vereen
He has a lot of versatility for the Patriots and he will have a huge role.

30. BenJarvus Green-Ellis
He's going to be hurt by Giovani Bernard.

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