Tuck cites safety as reason Giants defenders work out solo

Giants QB Eli Manninghas been organizing workouts this week for the team's wide receivers and tight ends at Hoboken High School in New Jersey.

The defense, on the other hand, has no such plans for a gridiron get-together, according to the *New York Daily News*.

Defensive end Justin Tuck, a team captain, told the newspaper that the players do not want to risk injury while paying for their own insurance when they practice together during the lockout.

"I know how we are," Tuck said. "We kind of have a tendency to get a little competitive when we start working out together. So we wouldn't want anything stupid to happen. The best way to prevent that is to have nothing organized."

While Tuck doesn't see his defensive teammates on the field, he still keeps tabs on them, saying he knows exactly where and how everyone is working out.

"I like the fact that Eli has stepped up and gotten guys together," Tuck said. "But for us and for me personally, I just chose to make sure guys are working out and doing the right things for safety reasons."

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