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'Tremendous opportunity' for Derek Watt to join T.J.

Three rivers, two Watts and plenty of possibilities for the Steelers.

Twenty-seven-year-old Derek Watt is joining standout pass-rushing brother T.J. Watt, 25, after the former moved on from the Chargers and signed with the Steelers.

It's an exciting -- although not new -- development.

"There's a tremendous opportunity there and we've had the privilege to play together in high school, college and now the NFL," Derek said Thursday in an introductory presser, via "There's so much more that goes into it than that."

While other brother J.J. Watt is doing just fine as the co-face of the franchise (with Deshaun Watson) in Houston, Derek, a fullback and the only offensive Watt, is happy to reunite with T.J., but insisted that wasn't the chief reason he fit so well with the Steelers.

"We're extremely excited, but it's not the main reason," he said. "There were so many positives."

A noted special teams contributor in addition to his fullback role, Derek is also a fan of the aura that surrounds one of the NFL's most storied franchises.

"It's a hard-working, blue-collar, tough-nosed organization," he said. "That kind of fits into the way I was raised and the way I try to play the game."

And so Derek finds himself changing teams and time zones, reuniting with his brother and in a situation that he believes he was made for.

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