Travis Kelce ejected from Chiefs game after tirade

Travis Kelce earned himself an ejection after letting his temper fly early in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs' 19-14 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kelce was complaining about what he thought should have been pass interference on Jacksonville's Prince Amukamara, and took his issue from one official to another, making gestures toward the second that included a similar signature motion from a WWE superstar.

The second official wasn't having it, pulling and throwing the flag after Kelce finished off his tirade with an unknown statement and a toss of his towel. We won't speculate on what Kelce said, but we know it sure wasn't a compliment of the official's mother, earning him two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. The offenses took the Chiefs from third-and-4 to third-and-34, on which the Chiefs managed to move into field-goal range.

Kelce, meanwhile, took his sweet time exiting the field, chatting with coach Andy Reid and giving gloves to fans before walking the narrow tunnel in the bowels of Arrowhead Stadium. Luckily for the Chiefs, Kelce's penalties didn't cost them a victory. We also discovered that Kelce learned quite the valuable lesson Sunday.

"I can't throw my flag on the ref but he can throw his all day long," Kelce said when asked what he gained from the transgression, via ESPN.

He sure can, Travis.

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