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Transcipt of emergency calls from Brady's car crash released

BOSTON -- Police received four emergency calls in the minutes after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a car crash, including one that reported someone "screaming and crying," according to a transcript released Thursday.

Brady didn't call 911, and none of the callers identified the quarterback as a victim of the Sept. 9 crash, according to the transcript released by police, first reported by *The Boston Globe*.

Brady was unhurt when his car collided with a minivan after the driver allegedly ran a red light near the quarterback's Boston home. A passenger in the minivan was seriously injured.

One caller to Boston police said there was a "huge car crash" and that someone in one of the vehicles was "screaming and crying." Another caller reported hearing "people crying" and said "there are still people in one of the cars."

An off-duty Winthrop police officer whose name was redacted also called to report the "partial rollover" after he was caught in traffic behind the wreck.

The day of the accident, Brady attended practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, about 30 miles south of Boston. But in a radio interview later, Brady spoke of being "scared out of my mind" and "just in shock" after the crash.

"I was just thinking, how am I going to -- I've got to call (coach Bill) Belichick. I'm going to be late (for practice)," he said. "And then once I got home, then it really hits you."

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