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Training Day with Coach Cro

Antonio Cromartie is a true professional with his offseason training. To say that he trains hard doesn't really give the whole picture of what he does. There are many genetically talented athletes in the NFL that rely solely on their God-given talents. Cromartie not only has those genetics but also has the discipline to train like a true professional in the offseason. He is an athlete who works hard and is very consistent with his schedule. He eats breakfast at the same place every morning and has been training with Proactive Sports for the past six years.



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Cromartie challenges us as a staff to stay on top of cutting-edge programs and always be precise with our training. We started calling him "Coach Cro" last offseason since he knows our training philosophy so well. He also started coaching up the young players. He takes great pride in training at Proactive Sports every offseason and will take it personalyl if someone is late or not working up to their potential. With Cromartie on the field, it's like having another coach out there, as he is always watching to ensure drills are performed with the proper technique, at the highest intensity level possible.

Cromartie trains two times per day, typically five to six days per week. His training varies depending on the time of year. As the season gets closer, the field work is increased. Here's a sample of what his workouts consist of:

Cromartie sees the value in developing himself as a total athlete, not just focusing on speed and strength. The importance of flexibility is something he views as another tool to help keep his speed.

He values the Roadtrip Fridays as a mental advantage over his competition. Roadtrip Fridays consist of "outside the box" training: everything from sand-dune running to canyon running to stair intervals. All have a different twist to help mentally challenge the athletes to finish while they are in a state of fatigue.

Cromartie welcomes anyone to come train with him and try to hang with him through the week. He especially likes taking new players to Road Trip Fridays to see how they respond. 

*Ryan Capretta is the Owner/Director of Proactive Sports Performance and a 2013 NFL Up! Ambassador.

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