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Training Camp Buzz: Peterman 'growing on' Gruden

»Raiders coach Jon Gruden glowed about quarterback Nathan Peterman on Tuesday.

"This Nate Peterman is growing on me," Gruden said. "He's athletic. I know he's got some nightmare performances in the NFL, but when you watch the film, you can see why: It's not all his fault. But he's got some talent. He's got some athleticism. He has some experience. He was an Opening Day starter for the Buffalo Bills last year. I take that very serious. He's smart. He's done a good job. He's been consistent, and I think he's starting to get his confidence back. We all need that."

»Buzz has been abundant in regards to the Bears potential heading into the 2019 campaign since Chicago's dominant defense led it to worst-to-first finish in the NFC North a season ago.

One of the key elements to Chicago's success was defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, but he's moved on to take the head reins of the Broncos.

Enter Chuck Pagano.

One of the more important aspects of training camp is the time it affords to build chemistry. All the yelling, cursing, fighting, hitting and sweltering hot days together build a bond, after all. Such is the same between coaches and players.

Right now it would appear Pagano is building that bond with the Bears by speaking loudly and challenging them.

"Coach Chuck, he's more a vocal guy. Coach Vic sit back, he's more mellow, more quiet," All-Pro defensive back Eddie Jackson said Tuesday on Inside Training Camp Live. "So coach Pagano he really just challenges us in different ways, right now, just trying to earn players' trust. One thing as a player, you gotta have a coach you can trust cause you don't want to question when he makes a call, you want to go out there and execute to the best of your ability. That's the biggest thing right now.

"We're just happy. This defense, it's looking right."

Jackson added that Pagano allows for input on the scheme and has been open about asking players their thoughts.

It's a big change ahead of a big season, but Jackson is as confident as ever.

"Everyone's on board," Jackson said. "We definitely getting better."

»Everyone is anticipating the debut of the Cardinals' high-powered offense under first-year coach Kliff Kingsbury and rookie QB Kyler Murray. But Kingsbury indicated Tuesday that spectators are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

»Hitting is going up a notch at training camp -- on the field and off.

Hence, when you're on the sidelines, you have to have your head on a swivel, even if you're the team owner.

According to multiple reports, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was knocked down in a sideline collision. Showing his Philly toughness, Lurie got up from the knockdown, put his hat back on and was ready for the next play.

»Training camp's a memorable experience for all involved -- veterans, rookies and even birthday girls. Denver pass-rushing All-Pro Von Miller made sure to make one little Broncos fan's B-day a happy one.

» Riding kids' bikes to Packers training camp practices is nothing new, but it's always a sight to be seen. One of the NFL franchises most steeped in tradition continues another one.

It's training camp for the Packers, people, so get your basket on your handlebars and honk your horn!

» Above all other rules in practice, training camp or not, is you never hit the quarterback. However, it would appear there are exceptions to even this rule. Case in point was Tuesday at Lions camp. It's been a long time since Matthew Stafford has missed a start for Detroit, but we'll have to see if he can bounce back after he was tackled with such ferocity.

» On any given Tuesday, anybody could show up at Cowboys practice (other than certain running backs, perhaps) in Oxnard, California.

One of the Cowboys' newest talents, receiver Randall Cobb, had a talk with Steamin' Willie Beamen on Tuesday.

Beamen (aka actor Jamie Foxx) was a one-time starter for the Miami Sharks before moving on to the Albuquerque Aztecs.

Of course that's all fiction that played out in Any Given Sunday with Foxx playing quarterback Willie Beamen. Off the big screen, Foxx is a Texas native and known as a longtime Cowboys fan.

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