Trades we'd love to see happen this offseason

This has been the offseason of trades. After LeSean McCoy, Jimmy Graham, Haloti Ngata and Sam Bradford were all dealt in March, nothing should surprise us in the lead up to the NFL Draft.

We aren't saying that the six trade proposals below are particularly likely. Some of them read more like fan fiction, but in a new NFL world where big names routinely get dealt, these are trades we'd love to see in the coming weeks.

Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals

The best running back of his generation wants out of Minnesota. Agent Ben Dogra has made that sentiment clear, and the Vikings are aware of Peterson's "uneasy" feelings toward the organization.

If Peterson wins this standoff with general manager Rick Spielman, Arizona makes sense as a landing spot.

In need of a power back to pry open a Super Bowl window for the few productive years of Carson Palmer's career, the Cardinals are reportedly prepared to offer a high draft pick for Peterson. Let's make it happen. -- Chris Wesseling

Michael and Martellus Bennett to the Falcons

Yes, this will take two separate trades and a few draft picks from Atlanta, but uniting the Bennett brothers under Dan Quinn would solve two of the Falcons' big needs.

Let's first begin with Michael. Pete Carroll dismissed that Bennett has asked for a trade, but multiple reports indicate that the defensive lineman wants a new deal. Shipping Bennett for a second-day draft pick or two might be too enticing for John Schneider to pass up. Bennett's value will never be higher and a landing spot will never be cushier than Atlanta. Bennett loves Quinn. Quinn desperately needs a pass rusher with the versatility Bennett provides. It's a match that makes almost too much sense.

Now let's ship Martellus to join his brother. The tight end would finally give Ryan a red-zone target he's been missing since Tony Gonzalez retired. Match Martellus with Julio Jones and Roddy White and that is a pretty potent receiving group. The Bears already cast aside one troublemaker for a low-round pick. John Fox and Ryan Pace could decide another dissenter isn't worth their trouble. With the Falcons, Michael would be there to keep an eye on Martellus -- and we'd get another Atlanta reality show. -- Kevin Patra

Eagles trade up for Marcus Mariota

Chip Kelly has aggressively re-made the Eagles' roster in his vision this offseason. The coach hasn't been afraid to make bold moves, trading Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy and jettisoning several other franchise mainstays. Kelly is taking big chances, so why should we believe him when he denies any interest in trading up for Marcus Mariota? Sam Bradford is a former No. 1 overall pick with upside, but Mariota is the type of quarterback Kelly has coveted since moving to the NFL. Armed with Bradford and the 20th pick, I'd be surprised if Philadelphia doesn't go for it. And from a fan perspective, it's perfect: If Kelly really thinks he has all the answers, don't you want to see if he's actually right? -- Dan Hanzus

Philip Rivers to the Browns

I know, I know. If Rivers winds up elsewhere in 2016 when his contract runs out, he wants to play in a Southern city, a comfortable low-key town to raise his seven children in. He'd preferably like to play for a contender with plenty of weapons on offense. Likely a team grounded on stable soil.

The Browns are none of those things, but this is about trades we'd like to see, not ones we expect to see.

From another angle, the Browns would be the perfect spot for Rivers: Good young defense, a strong offensive line and an up-and-coming coach in Mike Pettine. The Browns are so desperate for a quarterback, they would start a proposal for Rivers with their two first-round picks and then add more on top of that. San Diego is bound to make a killing off Cleveland if a trade went down, so everybody wins.

Here's something else: Rivers would have the chance to finish his NFL career as a hero. If he ever tugged the Browns into the promised land, he'd become a legend in that championship-starved city. He'd eat free steak for the rest of time and drink the finest of wines. His seven children would be adorned in gold-laced clothing until the end of days.

Or he could just go to the Titans. -- Marc Sessler

Drew Brees to the Bills

Rex Ryan has never been able to pair his defense with a sure-fire franchise quarterback. With all of these supposedly falseDrew Brees rumors circulating, wouldn't it be incredible if one was true, and the future Hall of Famer was shipped up to Buffalo with LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins and Percy Harvin? Drew Brees in New Orleans is old hat now, especially with the Saints re-tooling around a more run-heavy offense. Perhaps a trade haul where the Bills give up defensive talent and their entire 2016 draft in homage of the Ricky Williams heist gets it done. Let's get Brees in a place where he can let it rip on a consistent basis! -- Conor Orr

Tavon Austin to the Eagles

We know Chip Kelly is not afraid to make bold moves with draft picks moving away. We know the Rams have no idea how to use Tavon Austin. We know these two squads aren't afraid to make a deal. No coach is better at getting the primary receiver open than Chip Kelly, and Austin would be a perfect "space" player in the Eagles' offense who could make plays after the catch. -- Gregg Rosenthal

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