Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tours on sale

As excitement builds ahead of the very first NFL games at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, we are delighted to offer fans a unique NFL Stadium Tour.

The 90-minute tour, which is the first stand-alone visitor attraction outside the US, will give stadium visitors and NFL fans alike a unique opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium's bespoke NFL facilities.

The first tours will commence on Monday 7 October - however you can pre-book tickets NOW. Currently, NFL tours are only available on selected dates throughout October and early November with further dates to be added in due course.

Visitors will be given the chance to step into life as an NFL athlete as they are taken through the purpose-built team facilities, including locker rooms, player and staff preparation areas and the customised press conference suite, before having the chance to see authentic players' equipment such as jerseys, balls, pads and gloves.

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