Tottenham Hotspur Stadium's NFL transformation is mesmerizing

Over the past century, the NFL has played its game in 186 stadiums.

Over the past four nights, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium readied to become No. 187. And watching that process unfold -- from football pitch to football gridiron-- is pretty breathtaking.

Take a look as a stadium built to accommodate both soccer and NFL games transforms for Sunday's Bears-Raiders clash.

On Tuesday night, Tottenham hosted Bayern Munich in a Champions League clash. It was full-on NFL mode from the final whistle forward.

The soccer pitch retracted, giving way to NFL artificial turf. New tunnels opened up from locker rooms big enough to accommodate 53-man football rosters. Then, hashmarks and field numbers were painted in.

Grounds crews only need to paint the end zones in to complete one awesome alteration. Is it kickoff time in London yet?

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