Total Access The Locker Room Podcast:  Terrell Davis and Mark Schlereth's Inside Story of the Broncos' Super Bowl Success

Teammates Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis and three-time Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth join Brian Billick and Michael Robinson to share the real story of where Mark's nickname "Stink" came from (1:20), and TD recounts how he got punished for crashing Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay "during his first training camp (6:05). Mark then reveals that TD was not only a Hall of Fame player, but a Hall of Fame napper (7:25), and Davis gets put on the spot about how generous of a gift giver he was to the offense (10:40). Terrell and Mark then reflect on when they knew reaching 2,000 rushing yards in a season was attainable (14:45), and thankfully Schlereth says the refs missed him holding on Davis' milestone run (17:45). Meanwhile, a big part of their offense's success was the evolution of the zone running scheme that the Broncos perfected (18:20), and the guys talk about the mentality required to run it down a team's throat (24:30). Mark and TD then talk about the loss that spurred back-to-back Super Bowl Championships (26:40) and overcoming the pressure to repeat. However, Mark details how their second Super Bowl run might have hit a little bit of bad karma due to an outspoken teammate (33:25). Coach Billick then asks TD about playing a decoy in the Super Bowl while he was dealing with a migraine and couldn't see (34:45). Finally, the guys give some insight into what Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway was like as a teammate (36:45).

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