Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Rashad Jennings, From NFL RB to renaissance man

Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings joins Brian Billick to share the story of his football experience and beyond. Jennings starts with a weighty story of rookie hazing (1:11), before getting serious about his journey from "a fat kid with glasses" to the NFL (4:41). Jennings speaks on never letting anyone else define you, because if you let them, they will (7:50). Coach Billick asks about his "Dancing with the Stars" championship season (9:13), plus his motivation to become the best-selling author of "The IF in Life" as well as the series that seeks to inspire youth literacy, "The Coin Slot Chronicles" (13:30). A true renaissance man, Jennings explains why he's training to be a premarital counselor in order to heal communities (16:26). A seventh-round pick out of Liberty University, Jennings weighs in with advice for those approaching this year's NFL draft in a similar situation (21:52). Finally, Jennings discusses how his first career TD was a direct result of Maurice Jones-Drew losing a shoe (24:21).

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