Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Broncos RB Melvin Gordon continues his conversation with Michael Robinson, Brian Baldinger

Broncos two-time Pro Bowl running back Melvin Gordon returns, joining Michael Robinson and Brian Baldinger to talk about his stacked high school football team that was too talented for its own good (2:05). MRob fast forwards to Melvin's first season in Denver, asking him if it was difficult to enter a situation where the other running back, Phillip Lindsay, was the city's favorite son entering a contract year (3:45). Melvin understands the hate coming his way, but looks forward to winning over the fans in 2021 (5:20). Baldy asks Gordon his thoughts about the Broncos drafting an RB in the second round (7:10). MRob asks Flash why he said he felt "overlooked" (8:34), and then asks if he would have handled his holdout with the Chargers differently today (10:27). Baldy gets passionate about respecting the RB position and the need to get good ones in the first round (12:15). What are Flash's plans for incoming rookie RB Javonte Williams? He plans on following the path shown to him by his mentor, Danny Woodhead (13:57). It's a contract year for Gordon, how will that affect his 2021 season (16:30)? Finally, Melvin opens up about the love he has for his old coach, Anthony Lynn (18:47).

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