Top 10 quarterback controversies in NFL history

   It may seem silly now, but replacing the No. 1-overall draft pick/face of the franchise with a little-known backup was once a big deal in New England. 
   Teetering on the brink of a dynasty, the 
  [Steelers](/teams/pittsburghsteelers/profile?team=PIT) went into their first 
  [Super Bowl]( season and chose 
  [Joe Gilliam]( over 
  [Terry Bradshaw]( 
   Looking to light a fire in No. 1 pick 
  [Troy Aikman](, 
  [Cowboys](/teams/dallascowboys/profile?team=DAL) coach Jimmy Johnson drafted a second QB -- 
  [Steve Walsh]( -- in the same offseason. 
   After being shamed by 
  [Jay Schroeder]( in the NFC title game, 
  [Doug Williams]( got the last laugh by taking the 
  [Redskins](/teams/washingtonredskins/profile?team=WAS) to 
  [ a Super Bowl win]( a year later. 
   After signing 
  [Rob Johnson]( to a hefty contract, the 
  [Bills](/teams/buffalobills/profile?team=BUF) got fan favorite 
  [Doug Flutie]( for much less. What followed is still a point of contention in Buffalo. 
   Having two 
  [Super Bowl]( quarterbacks on the same roster competing for one job put the 
  [Giants](/teams/newyorkgiants/profile?team=NYG) in a precarious spot. 
  [Drew Brees](/player/drewbrees/2504775/profile) already on the roster, the 
  [Chargers](/teams/sandiegochargers/profile?team=SD) made a draft-day move for 
  [Philip Rivers](/player/philiprivers/2506121/profile). Immediately, there was controversy. 
   The Los Angeles 
  [Rams](/teams/st.louisrams/profile?team=STL) of the 1950s were on the cutting edge of offensive innovation, thanks to the play of 
  [Norm Van Brocklin]( and 
  [Bob Waterfield]( 

Tom Landry's decision to go with Roger Staubach over Craig Morton helped set the course for the Cowboys to become "America's Team."

   Like Van Brocklin and Waterfield before them, the 
  [49ers](/teams/sanfrancisco49ers/profile?team=SF) had two future 
  [Hall of Fame]( at QB. Unlike those '50s 
  [Rams](/teams/st.louisrams/profile?team=STL), the 
  [49ers](/teams/sanfrancisco49ers/profile?team=SF)' QBs couldn't coexist. 

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